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#17707: Cyber Egg I (Cyber_Egg_I)

Type Usable Class Usable Buy 0 Sell 0 Weight 0
Defense 0 Required Lvl 0 Refinable No Slot 0
Applicable Jobs All Jobs
Description A magical egg that pops out outfits when opened.
Any of the following item will appear at random.
^ff0000- 10x White Potion Box
- 10x Grape Juice Box
- 1x Old Card Album
- 5x Blessing Scroll Box
- 5x Inc AGI Scroll Box
- 1x Old Purple Box
- 1x Old Blue Box^000000
^0000ff- Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone
- Costume Analyze Eye
- Costume Seraph Wing Helm
- Costume Charleston Antenna
- Costume Crimson Booster
- Costume Hunting Cap of Gust
- Costume Magical Booster
- Costume Baron's Evil Eye
- Costume CD in Mouth
- Costume New Wave Sunglasses^000000
Weight : 0
ID : 17707
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