As part of the development strategy, we are happy to share and discuss our future plans with the community. This time, we are on a mission to provide a competitive War of Emperium server for our players. We came up with a variety of modifications, systems, and bonuses while taking into consideration the community as a whole.

You can find our initial plan on our WoE system below. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the system, feel free to discuss at our Facebook Group. We thank you in advance for your comments, and hopefully, together, we'll be able to make a healthy War of Emperium competitions.

Battle Settings

  • No Knockback

  • Weapon Damage Rate: -60%

  • Magic Damage Rate: -60%

  • Misc Damage Rate: -60%

  • Long Damage Rate: -80%

  • Short Damage Rate: -80%

  • Guild Capacity: 16 members (initial)

  • Guild Extension: +2 member per level

  • Max Guild Capacity: 36 members

  • Max Party Capacity: 36 members

  • Alliance: Disabled

  • Traps will not affect self, party or guild

Available Guild Skill

New guild skill implemented during trans episode is not available.

Official Guild Approval

Contract with Kafra

Guardian Research

Strengthen Guardian

Guild Extension

Disabled Skills

Just like other WoE, these skills are disabled.

Loki's Veil

A Drum on the Battlefield

The Ringof Nibelungen

Invulnerable Siegfried



Ice Wall



Call Partner

Disabled Consumables

These are consumables that will not work at WoE Maps. Subject to change without notice.

Yggdrasil Berry

Yggdrasil Seed

Light White Potion

Light Blue Potion

The Castle Warper

Castle Warper

You can find these Sign post in all cities and towns. It's an easy access for:
  • Information about schedule.
  • Access Guild Shop that offers WoE Supplies

The Guild Shop

Castle Warper

Guild members may purchase Elite Siege Box from the Guild Shop.
1 box of ESB weight 0 and will yield 100x HP and 50x SP potions.
The box can only be opened outside the castle. This will limit player hoarding boxes that would give him unlimited supply of HP/SP pots during the siege.
  • Guild Shop accepts only Guild Coin that can be acquired by active participation inside active castle.
  • Guild member gets 2 coins every 10 minutes if inside the active castle. If you don't have a guild then you can't receive this coin.