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Frog Cap

Frog Cap
Quest Not Repeatable

Roda Frog

Walk near the Roda Frog just south of the west end of west-geffen bridge and start conversation. He will transform to a small child.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

1. Speak to the small child, King Froggy asks you to bring him
Spawn x 100

2. Return with the Spawn and you will be asked to kill
Sidewinder x 50

3. After you have killed all the Side Winders, return to King Froggy, he will ask you for
Venom Canine x 100

4. Return with the 100 Venom Canine, and he will ask for
Scale Shell x 50

5. Return with the Scale Shell, and he will ask you to kill
Argiope x 50

6. Once you have killed the Argiope, return to King Froggy
Frog Hat x 1
A hat which resembles the Frog God. But even the God of all frogs looks exactly like any other frog.
Physical and Magical Attack damage done to Insect type monsters increased by 12%.

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