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Sashimi Knife Quest

This quest can be repeated.

Sushi Master

Go inside the Amatsu Sushi Bar and talk to the Sushi Master. Choose the 3rd option. He will ask you to bring him certain items and when you return you will be rewarded with some Raw Fish or Sushi
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Candy x 10
- or -
Conch x 10
- or -
Fish Tail x 10
- or -
Crab Shell x 10
- or -
China x 1
- or -
Heart Of Mermaid x 10
Raw Fish x 15

Sushi x 30

Raw Fish x 20 Sushi x 30

Sushi x 20

Sushi x 20

Raw Fish x 50 Sushi x 50
It has been reported that the Heart of Mermaid is only requested very rarely; users often report getting thousands of Sushi from him without being asked for the Heart of Mermaid once.

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