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Dokebi Battle Quest

This quest is not repeatable


Find the Publisher in northeast Amatsu standing between the cherry blossom trees. Talk to her and she will talk about her story scroll, and then enter the minigame.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
You will be transported to the waiting room. One random person in the room will be chosen to enter.

Dokebi Battle Waiting Room


Enter the waiting room. One random person in the room will be chosen to enter.
Defeat Monster List of Random Reward

Dokebi x 9
TimeLimit: 6 minutes
Rainbow Carrot x 1
Sweet Milk x 1
Singing Flower x 1
Fatty Chubby Earthworm x 1
Earthworm the Dude x 1
Unripe Apple x 1
Bitter Herb x 1
Orange Juice x 1
Rusty Iron x 1
Rotten Fish x 1
After defeating 9 Dokebi, you have two (2) option, talk to the Coach that will show and select
1. Well, well. It is nothing. to collect above reward.
2. It was boring and you will fight the much strong monster below for different set of reward.
Defeat Monster List of Random Reward

Am Mut x 3
TimeLimit: 6 minutes
Her Heart x 1
Sweet Potato x 1
Tropical Banana x 1
Armlet of Obedience x 1
No Receipt x 1
Well-Dried Bone x 1
Old Broom x 1
Orc Trophy x 1
Monster Juice x 1
Contract In Shadow x 1
After defeating 3 Am Mut, you will be warp to the Publisher at Amatsu to collect your reward.

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