Welcome to Classic Ragnarok Online!

This is an Old Style way back 2004 nostalgic Ragnarok game, It's definitely non-monitized, pure grinding and farming server that focus on PRE-TRANS play style. We guarantee to offer the best performance and latest available dedicated machine currently at (Intel i7-6700K 8core 32GB Memory) and fast 1GB network. If you love that Old Style Ragnarok game then this could be your new home.

Our vision is to be the BEST PRE-TRANS Classic Server for ASIA serving uncompromized, fair and balance game.

A horned demon emerges from the shadows carrying a massive scythe. In his path stands a party of battle-hungry adventurers.

News & Update

August 2020 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass for August 2020 has been released. More great surprises awaits with our August Ancient Loot Box and Weapon Card Albums. Grab it now!

Bloody Branch Exchange

Bloody Branch Exchange is now available at Niflheim. Trees possess spirit you know. In fact we know a secret about these spirits that can in some way. Mister Morby can now create a Spirited Branch. Collect materials now and exchange for a Bloody Branch.

  7vs7 Guild Tournament

Congratulations to our 1st Week 7v7 Guild Tournament winners. ArumiFansClub (1st) EmakSuper(2nd) and teamgasmatoy(3rd)

  Angeling Pet

Revised Angeling Pet Feed Loyalty Increment from 10 to 50.

  MvP Pocket Watch

Added record of Lord Of Death at MvP Pocket Watch.

  Boss Timed Attack

BTA is now reinstated. Visit the NPC to try your best time.

  Private Branch Room

A Private Branch Room for personal, party or guild is now available. Visit NPC at Payon 98 94.

  July 2020 Battle Pass

July 2020 Battle Pass is ending today. Its your last chance to avail the cool package with Angeling Pet Egg.